Philips IGT

Philips is the leader in image-guided therapy, providing integrated solutions that advance minimally invasive procedures. We help healthcare providers to decide, guide, treat and confirm the right care in real time during the procedure to enable better outcomes for each patient and at population level.

Working together with clinicians, we use our comprehensive portfolio of interventional imaging systems, smart devices, software and services to treat one patient every second worldwide.

Together with health providers we optimize care delivery, reduce total costs, and help clinicians treat patients better so they can get back faster to the lives they love.

Arpamedical Scope of Activities:

1-Field Service Engineering


3-Providing Spare Parts



Philips IGT

Arpamedical Facilities

  • Complete set of technical tools
  • Two Stocks for Spare Parts
  •  Central warehouse


IGT team Has been trained in Philips as following:

  • Schwarzer Hemodynamic System
  • XperFlex Cardio Hemodynamic System
  • Xcelera WorkStation
  • Xtravision WorkStation
  • ViewForum WorkStation
  • Flexvision
  • IntelliSpace Portal Workstation


Arpamedical Providing Services:

  • Providing spare parts quickly
  • Installation , Remove and reinstallation
  • Site planning and equipment consulting
  • Customer Application Training
  • Perform PM four or six time per year
  • System calibration

Systems we are providing services and are fully expert on them