Tube Reload & Repair

Our Fully equipped factory, not only provides VAREX licensed Tube reloading on various tube brands, but also can repair housing related damages as fan, pump, stator or isolation problems on tubes and extend your precious tube life

Equipment Installation & Site Planning

At ARPAMedical, we cover every thing from planning your CT scanner room to Installation, Also deinstallation, reinstallation, and relocation of CT Scanners is possible

Planned Maintenance

With a PM contract you can have company grade PM service, to make sure your device is fully operational and healthy, Also you get our VIP response and parts priority.

CT scanner Repair and Service

We do care about your CT scanner sleep time. So our trained service engineers are available 24/7. We can be at your site less than 2 houres inside Tehran, and less than 6 hourse in other cities. Also we offer

• Parts-only coverage using fully tested OEM repair parts

• Expert technical support to your in-house engineering staff

• 24x7 phone support