Installing Your Equipment

Arpamedical provides deinstallation, reinstallation, and relocation services on your MRI equipment. Do you need assistance with an MRI system move? Are you selling your MRI and need expertise to remove the equipment?  Do you need on-site assistance to help with a system installation? Do you need a new RF cage for your MRI machine? We provide trained engineers to meet these needs and are happy to help. And if you are purchasing an MRI system from us, we will back our installation with a no-cost warranty.


Maintaining Your Equipment

Arpamedical magnet maintenance programs include a wide range of coverage options. We service the entire MRI system, including the magnet, cold head, chiller and related support systems. We have serviced hundreds of customers in many different environments including high field, and low field equipment. Our magnet maintenance and cryogen system coverage includes:


  • Full cryogen service including helium fills
  • Coldhead replacement
  • Chiller service
  • Magnet stability and artifact elimination
  • Magnetic field homogeneity analysis
  • Magnet deicing
  • Burst disk replacement
  • Oil Adsorber service
  • Magnet Deicing
  • Full magnet ramping and shimming 
  • Magnet system monitoring (optional)


We focus on proactively keeping your system up and operational to original OEM specification. Our goal is to drive to zero helium loss and no unplanned interruptions.

We are your solution for your GE MRI systems.

Planned Maintanance

Performing planned maintenance per OEM specifications is critical to MRI system performance. Arpamedical provides planned maintenance programs on all OEM models. Our experienced engineers are ready to deliver best service option for your GE MR systems including GE Signa and Optima MRI systems and GEM Suite At the completion of every PM and service event, all PM documentation is provided to you.

Servicing Your Equipment

Magnet maintenance and cryogen service is available on all times. We carefully monitor your system’s helium levels to assure peak performance! We closely track your system’s most vital parameters including:


  • Helium level
  • Magnet pressure
  • Cold head performance
  • Chiller operation


We provide rapid response to all magnet related issues including quenches with a complete solution. We’ll take care of the details for you! We are on call 24/7 and offer:


  • Rapid helium delivery and magnet fill


Repairing Your Equipment

You have many options when it comes to servicing your MRI system. Our engineers are strategically located throughout the country to provide rapid expert service when you need it most. We align our performance metrics to your goals through our uptime and time-to-repair guarantees. 

Our service options include:

  • Full service coverage including magnet maintenance and cryogen service
  • MRI Coil coverage
  • Parts-only coverage using fully tested OEM repair parts
  • Expert technical support to your in-house engineering staff
  • 24x7 phone support


Does your in-house HTM professional want to learn how to perform an MRI PM? We will teach you the process and provide the necessary documentation to get your program off the ground. 

Our application specialists will provide you with the best possible clinical solutions and advanced in-site application training program to increase system throughput without degrading your image quality.